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It Has Arrived!

The new iPod arrived last night, and was immediately christened "Cthulhu Prosthesis." Only because every time I think of the word "iPod," that's what comes to mind. Plastic tentacles.

So, just having Cthulhu Prosthesis isn't enough. It needed a little squishy plastic condom, a USB-to-Firewire adaptor, a car kit, and a set of Creature speakers.

The first day with a new toy is both the most fun and the hardest. The four hours waiting for the damn thing to charge were endless. Figuring out how to get my Audible stuff onto it was tricky. Goofing with the car kit was an adventure.

But here I am at my desk, having listened to the first hour of "The DaVinci Code." The full book will take something like 16 hours to hear. And with one hand, I can switch from my book to the kids' music without having to juggle CDs or switch players. And the little baby loves playing with the iPod.

Now I'm just looking for fun decorations for it. Stickers. Googly eyes. More tentacles. Perhaps I'll knit it a little cozy...

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