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Job Opening

As a caveat: I have in no way done any checking on this AT ALL, so I can't answer any questions about its legitimacy. I do have resumes out on Monster and I get job offers pushed to me fairly often. If you choose to contact this person, do so at your own risk.

The text of the email:

Saw your resume on monster, we have a long term position in San Jose CA, if you are looking for any opportunities please let me know. Please forward me your resume I will be glad to help you out. And if you know any who are looking Please forward this to your circle of friends.

Tech Writer
San Jose, CA/ 2 year project
Start Immediate: Interview with in 48 hours

Tech Writer 5 Years min experience
Excellent Documentation skills (MS sUite including ppt)
Highly Desired: Familiar with Caliber (Requirements Management tool) # 1 need
Familiar with Software Delivery Life Cycle
Excellent communication skills

Committed to serve

VJ Kondur
713-880-0232 X 48

Feel free to link if you desire.