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The Guilty Pleasure of Violence

I was relating a dream I had to one of my good friends. The dream included my taking a broken laptop and hitting someone with it hard enough to knock him down, make him bleed and render him unconscious.

Now, I have noticed a trend within myself to make very violent comments and express displeasure with people in terms of how many of their vertebrae I would like to crush. I tend to listen to violent music, finding myself in a calm, Zenlike state as Disturbed sings about "droppin' plates on yo' ass, bitch." I LOVE violent movies. The Pirate and I recently sat through our favorite double feature - Blade and Blade II - which not only contain cartoonish amounts of ultra-violence, but offer the welcome spectacle of Wesley Snipes with his shirt off.

But here's the rub. I would be horrified in the face of actual violence. I love movie violence, but anything real - the news, reports of killing, make me sick to my stomach and often render me depressed for days. I tried watching Amistad, but the depictions of the violence against the slaves was too much and I ended up shaky and weeping for the better part of a day because although it was a movie and those were actors, these things routinely happened.

My friend admitted the same disconnect, and it mystifies us both.


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Jun. 19th, 2003 12:06 pm (UTC)
I hear you...
As a horror writer and fan, I'm in the same boat. How in the hell do I rationlize having a film like "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Hours" side by side on my favorites list?

You know, I now know quite a few horror writers/fans, and I must say, as a group, they are the kindest, gentlest souls I've ever met. Maybe its that association via madness thing, but I really don't think you're likely to find a better lot. Do we, somehow, drain all the violent tendencies out of ourselves by acknowleging it in our choice of entertainment?

I don't know the answer to this, and it's lunch time and I'm hungry, but I'll end by recommending the most violent and hilarious movie I've ever seen! This film will have you laughing and barfing at the same time with it's wacky characters and way over the top zombie fare -- "Dead Alive". It's an early 90s film I believe, directed by a then little known director named Peter Jackson. Yeah, he done good with Lord of the Rings, but Dead Alive will always be the definitive Jackson film in my book!

Best line (by the priest): "I kick ass for the lord!"
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