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My Hair Is Feeling...Naked

From the time I was 20 until a year ago, my hair was red. Everyone knew me as a redhead and many jokes were made about how I had that "redhead" personality (whatever the fuck THAT means).

For a couple of months, my hair was platinum blonde. It looked terrible, and I immediately went back to red.

When my grandmother died, I dyed my hair black. It was a whim, and everyone thought that suited me too. I guess I just have that kind of face.

For the past 3 months, I have done nothing color-wise to my hair. I guess, after many years, curiosity got the best of me and I just wanted to know what color my hair really is. And the verdict is in. It's brown. And not a deep, rich, gorgeous brown. It's more of a boring, drab, wake-me-when-something-interesting-happens brown. With an overly generous sprinkling of gray.

Now, I'm not against the gray at all. I'm only against the rest of it, which is a color so dull that anyone who sees it magically falls into a coma. I'm wondering what I could do to, well, perk it up a little. I don't care whether it covers the gray or not.

If you were you, what would you do?
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