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Mmmmm. Nice Weekend.

Saturday, we woke up early and made waffles and sausages for the girls for brekkie. I love sitting with my girlies-O around the table and drinking my tea and seeing their little tousled heads and listening to their big weekend plans.

While the Pirate was taking the flat tire off the truck, the chimney sweep arrived. He was (of course) dressed all in black with one of those tuxedo t-shirts and a little round cap. I asked him if he was an orphan, and he assured me that orphans don't do that sort of work anymore. He was actually a good sport, did a great job, and didn't mind the little girlies watching him do his job.

We went to Ikea in EPA, and there was NO ONE THERE. I was in awe. Nobody was at the Ikea. Okay, not nobody, but we found good parking, there were no crowds to elbow our way through, and we found EXACTLY what we wanted. YAY.

Peaches had a friend spent the night, and she and her little friend did a skit for us. There is nothing quite as painful as 11-year-old dramatics, where both the participants not only can't remember their lines, but they can't stop themselves from laughing, and ten minutes into the drama in which Bill Gates is homeless, we were begging them to figure out an ending and put us out of our misery.

The Pirate rented Double Indemnity for us. It's my favorite holiday movie because it has everything - greed, lust, a tough, fast-talking Fred McMurray who's NOT the same guy who became The Absent-Minded Professor and the father of Robbie, Chip and Ernie.

Sunday was spent getting haircuts, nails done, I stopped by OVC to see idunno3, but he had already left by the time I got there. But I got to see recursive, and talk to another old Nano friend, and see a couple of new Nanos that I hadn't met, so it was all okay.

And to top it all off, we were in bed and doing crossword puzzles (no, that's not a euphemism for anything) by 8:00.

YAY for me!

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