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Random Acts of Kidness

The best part of parenting, in my opinion, is the number of mystifying and random events that occur on a regular basis.

Last night was the kid's party at my work. It was a Harry Potter theme, so there were tables where the children could make wands and hats, a stand handing out Every Flavor Beans, a live owl and a live albino boa, places to make spells and decorate dragon cookies and take photos while dressed in robes. The whole thing was lovely. We took a nice family photo of the girls in a little sleigh with us behind them, which we used for the Xmas card we're sending to our parents because they're always bitching that they don't have pictures of us. And through the whole thing the little kid complained that she was tired, that she felt miserable and that her throat hurt.

I looked at it when we got home and recognized the liver-and-cottage-cheese loveliness that is strep throat. The Pirate took the big kid off to get her driving permit while I took the little kid to the doctor.

The doctor swabbed her throat and went to look in her ears for signs of ear infection and said "Wow. It looks like you've got a huge ball of wax in there." He used one of those loop-on-a-stick things, but he couldn't get it. He irrigated liberally. It wasn't coming out. He used tweezers and tried grabbing it, but to no avail.

It wasn't a wax ball. Turns out, it's a seashell. This fact came out while we're trying to theorize about what it might be. An earring back? A bean? The little kid says "I think it's a seashell." When we tried to quiz her on why she might think that, she has no answer.

There's a story here, and I might just hear it at my 80th birthday party.

Oh, and the other kid passed the test for her learner's permit on the first try. Hooray!

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