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Got My Martha Stewart Groove On!

Sunday I made seven batches of jalapeño jam. Sunday, Monday and yesterday nights I stamped a design of Celtic knots onto 5 yards of muslin in vermillion fabric paint. Yesterday I took pinking shears and cut it up into 6" squares and fastened the red-printed muslin to the tops of the jars with dark green ribbon. The resulting 54 jars of jalapeño jam covered in Celtic knot-printed muslin are wedding favors for the Pirate's and my wedding next week.

With the exception of actually decorating the venue, hemming the dress and making the cake (red velvet cake with white frosting arranged in three tiers on a sort of plate holder thing [I'm describing it badly] with milagros sprinkled over the cakes), we're all done. The week in Los Angeles will be light of responsibility and heavy in relaxation time.

I'm in the middle of listening to The Iliad. It's...dense. I'm having a little bit of a hard time telling who's on what side, as we don't really have just Trojans and Greeks. Each side has about a million little tribes with them, and each tribe has a dozen noblemen and everyone has six nicknames. At least the two Ajaxes are on the same side. I want to read it to the girls, but I think we're going to make up something like flashcards in different colors for the different teams, otherwise, they'll never remember them either.

I love Xmas, as it gives me a chance and a reason to get out all the crafting stuff I own and use it. Yay!

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