Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

It's Nearly November

I'm writing another novel this November. This year, I thought I'd change it up a bit. Because all the normal year-end stresses (busiest time of year at work, my turn for Zombie critiques, having family over for the holidays) isn't enough, I've decided to be the ML for Santa Cruz this year.

This means that I'm responsible for making sure my little corner of the world is inspired and cared for while they're slogging through their own writing. One thing that they're emphasizing more this year is the need to do some fundraising. I credit Chris Baty enormously with what he's done thus far, pulling Nano pretty much out of a hat every year, but it's really not fair. I wish that I could cough up as much money as Nano has meant to me, but the truth us that I just don't have that kind of cash. I've already publicly pledged that I would donate some portion of my first book contract to Nano, but that's sort of a sucker bet at this point.

What I am doing is this: I've started a Firstgiving page so that my friends, family and far-flung correspondents can show their support not for me, but for this cause that has encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to find their literary voices. I know that you guys love to read - everyone on my friends list is a reader, and it's what I love about you guys. If you could just kick down a buck or two, it might mean that you're enabling Nano to reach out and inspire the person who's going to be your next favorite author. Somewhere out there, a new masterpiece may be brewing in the mind of someone who thinks they can't write a novel until they hear the magic word "Nanowrimo." It might be someone who's seen a lot of years and finds the motivation to write down memories that would otherwise be lost to history. It might be someone from a war-torn part of the world who finds the courage to write the truth and tell the world something it didn't know before. Who knows who's writing?

If you can spare a little, you can make that possible, and I personally would be exceedingly grateful!

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