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Stress Is Bad

I have an archipelago of spots across my left cheek. mortaine said that it looks like someone dug their fingers into my flesh and left red, angry fingerprints. Right after the wedding, a spot appeared on my face. I thought I had scratched myself. The skin was just inexplicably...gone. Then another spot appeared above it. One below it. Another. Another.

The Pirate is truly alarmed. He's been slathering hydrocortisone on it and it's getting better, although the spots are still raw and open. They're not swollen anymore, and I can touch the left side of my face without wincing in pain, which only makes it worse.

The Pirate is in a very similar boat, but we're both on the "tried to pull off a wedding on Xmas and had it go tragically wrong" river which is toxic in the extreme. It's a good thing that both girls are out of town for the week, as it has taken the entire week for the Pirate and I to regain ourselves. By the time they get back tomorrow evening, we should we better.

It will all be better so very soon.

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