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The Need for a Forum

A small amount of talk has come up regarding poetry readings. Now, while I am certainly an introvert (heh heh), this does not mean that I am incapable of being every bit as theatrical as RuPaul (just not as tall).

SO, I would like to put forth the suggestion that we find a friendly venue and hold our own little literary salon. A dear friend of mine named Jordan Rosenfeld hosts a weekly salon in Petaluma ( She gets writers from throughout the Bay area to come out and read their stuff. Her biggest job is actually hooking up with these other writers. She's a regular in the Zoetrope forum, looking for people to read.

I think that we have the critical mass to start something like this on our own. So, what we could use is a regular venue and people with coordinating abilities and a willingness to get up in front of the group.

It's just something to think about....

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