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All About Me, And Possibly You

This from missmelysse, who has posited the following challenge:

Rules of Engagement:
1) You comment, requesting an interview.
2) I'll respond by asking you five questions.
3) You'll then post an LJ entry, answering my questions.
4) You'll refer to these rules.
5) You'll come up with five questions, when folks ask you.

1) I know from reading your posts that you're a voracious reader. Here's my reading question: WHERE do you read? (Curled up in bed? In the bathroom? On the couch?)

Yes to all of the above. You cannot step next to my bed because of the pile of pillows and mess of books (those that have spilled off the bookshelf that I have in lieu of a bedside table). In the bathroom, I have a wall-mounted magazine rack which holds not only whatever magazines I'm reading at the time, but that bathroom classic Everyone Poops. I read at the dinner table, at restaurants, etc. and listen to books in the car, while I work out, do housework or while I'm doing anything else that would make holding a book inconvenient. I am never without several books/magazines/friends' manuscripts on my person. I also subscribe to where I download audio books. In the last two months, I've listened to five books including The Iliad and War and Peace.

I am lucky in that my brain is quite capable of writing one set of words while listening to another. I also tend to read while watching movies or listening to the radio.

This is not to say that I never put down the book. I have a family, and quite of few of the BBC 100 that I've read, I've read out loud to them (to include all the Harry Potter books, Artemis Fowl, Treasure Island and a few others). We don't have television at our house and you have to have something to while away the long winter evenings. Besides, as a writer, I feel a certain amount of guilt at producing something that nobody consumes. I harangue my children to read because I want all authors to have the pleasure of an audience.

2) You mentioned a reading in Petaluma in a couple months (if I can spare the time off, I'll come - it's a bit of a trek on a weekday), which makes me wonder: are you published anywhere?

Yes and no. The last fiction I published was in college, although I have published many nonfiction articles about various aspects of semiconductor manufacture, each one of which is a Pulitzer-worthy commentary on the state of the semiconductor industry. Or that's the line I gave my boss at raise time. Before the magazine went under...

3) Genius is burning, and something mundane interrupts (laundry, offspring, work - whatever) - how do you keep the flow when you're forced to pause?

I am a slave to my process, part of which is the prep to writing.
a.) Have dinner with the family.
b.) Do the chores.
c.) Announce loudly and firmly that I'm unavailable until further notice.
d.) Disappear into the computer room and sit down at the computer without moving from it until I've finished what I went in there to do (be it a certain number of words, the review of a friend's MS, whatever).

When I'm not in a position to write, I am an obsessive lister. I list every idea that comes to me. I write down all my dreams. I make notes of interesting things people say to me in conversation. I do all this so that when I find myself face to face with my computer, the two of us have something to talk about.

4) I find that I 'write better' - am more creative - in certain places, than in others. What are your creative "hot spots"?

Meetings. By far. I am sucked into endless meetings because I have a boss who's a giant extrovert and can't seem to get excited about things without 12 people around him. If I were also an extrovert, this might make me happy. As it is, I'm the uber-introvert who just gets annoyed, and find myself daydreaming while I'm in meetings. If I don't bring some actual writing to do, I end up looking at everyone else in the meeting and imagining what they had for breakfast, what their parents look like, why they left their first wife in Nova Scotia...

5) You've been sitting still for a long time, and then a really groovous tune comes on the radio/cd player/streaming music channel, and you just *have* to dance. What's the song that always sets your toes a-tapping?

Nearly anything by Afro Celt Sound System because it's happy and bright and hopeful and my babies can dance with me and we can fling our arms out and spin around until we fall down. And anything that makes me feel like that is a force for good in the world

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