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Something's Gone Horribly Wrong

So, Peaches has a school dance on Friday, and the Baby Goddess' daddy is picking her up from Baby School. I thought that the Pirate and I might be able to go and, say, have dinner at a restaurant that doesn't have a children's menu. Preferably one where the menu is printed in another language...Eritrean...Farsi...

So I casually suggested to Peaches that she might spend the night at a friend's house Friday night. She called up her best friend K and promptly disappeared into her room. Half an hour later, she emerges to tell me that the plan is that Friday night, I'm going to pick them up from this dance at 6, then take the two of them over to pick up Marion's other friend E and both girls are going to spend the night here. Here.

Oh, no, I say. There is no way I'm spending my Friday night chauferring you guys all over hither and yon. And what's more, E is famous for barging into the hosts parents' room at midnight and saying "I want to go home now."

So then K's father calls and says how much he appreciates our taking K on Friday night, as he had wanted to go out, but had resigned himself to staying in. He's now made plans and he's all set.


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