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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The Pirate and I are breakfast people who love sleep. This is unfortunate, because if you really love sleep and have a day job, you tend to wake up a little to late to have a really good breakfast.

Today's our anniversary. We've only been married for a year, but he fits so seamlessly into our lives (mine and the girls') that I can hardly remember what it was like before him. I have vague memories of a series of grisly train wrecks, but those are only dim memories now.

Neither dinner nor lunch is really practical for us today, and won't be for about a week. The Pirate has been empanelled as a juror and didn't have to be in court until 9:30 today, so we had breakfast together. And not just breakfast, but breakfast at a very attractive, quiet, inexpensive place with excellent food. We held hands and smiled and talked and grooved, and then I drove him to the court.

I get to see him tonight after work. And tomorrow. And the day after. Forever.

Lucky me!
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