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It's Lawsuit Season!

At this time every year, I have a little ritual around my house. I gather my receipts and paystubs and W-2s, hoping that the outcome is going to be in my favor.

I take my miserable little pieces of paper and I fax them to Ex #2. And every single flippin' year, he takes issue with SOMETHING. And I end up tromping back and forth to family court trying to get it all straightened out. And I do this because if I don't, I'm terrified that he'll sue me.

This fear is probably groundless given that the one and only time he's sued me, it was a pyrrhic victory for him - he spent more than $2500 to recover $100. That was in Feb. of 2002. Last year, I went out of my way to be gracious, offering him more time with his daughter, etc. But he essentially turned it down and I ended up having to schlep paperwork back and forth to the family court 6 times to get the support paperwork right.

This year it's going to be worse because he owes me a bunch of money for the overtime that he worked and the fact that I had shutdown this quarter, substantially altering the numbers from the beginning of the year. It's going to cost him, and he's all nervous about it.

And the more nervous he gets, the more disagreeable he gets.

I hate this.
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