Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
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Getting A Grip On Things

  1. Gather tax info

  2. Gather child support info

  3. Write to J about next year's child support/this year's bonus pmt.

  4. Write to C about pmt of his back child support

  5. Finish thank you notes (A's birthday, cousin T)

  6. Rearrange furniture: bookshelf to master bedroom, replace rocker in A's room, storage options, cassette/DVD shuffle

  7. Finish baby's dress

  8. Edit Nancy's stuff

  9. Get rugs/upholstery cleaned

  10. Clean kitchen

  11. Label mail slots

  12. Take in shirt

  13. Make skirt

  14. Finish shower

  15. Get prescription filled

  16. Make investment checkup appt.

  17. Call school and fix name

  18. Change out cat litter

  19. Take pink slips to DMV (motorcycles)

  20. Flea stuff on cats

  21. Water/filter change for fish

  22. M allergist appt.

  23. Send back Ghazal album

  24. Call Grace for Earl Grey

  25. Throw out/put away software/hardware boxes

  26. Refill/reorganize briefcase

  27. Make chiropractor appt.

  28. Call Old Granny about M's cruise

  29. Deposit checks

  30. pX tagbacks

  31. Take back movies

  32. Office curtain

  33. Call MBNA for refund check

  34. Put Pirate on K12 insurance

  35. Figure out orthodontic benefits

  36. Write to J about pmt options

  37. Fax J orthodontic estimate

  38. Sew baby's other 2 dresses

  39. Exchange boots

  40. Buy toilet paper

  41. Send in ACLU membership stuff

  42. Get passport...again

  43. Call Rod re: shower

  44. Mow and edge lawn

Tags: weekly list

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