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Where are Simon and Garfunkel?

I keep reading everyone else's LJ and thinking "My life is looking way better by comparison. Nobody seems to be free of demons. It makes me feel better because I'm exhausted. I've never been what you'd call a sleeper, and with the hot weather, it's even worse. It impacts my relationships, my ability to work, my physical health. I hate taking sleeping pills because they take forever to kick in and even longer to wear off.

I'm thinking of just having one of my children hit me hard in the head with a sledgehammer every night at abound 9. And then, the next morning, either I wake up or I don't.


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Jun. 27th, 2003 11:39 am (UTC)
I can give you a SGI Indigo2 for the head-hitting if you like. Between that and free Google searching, it's a hard deal to beat! :)
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