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Very Interesting

The Strength Card
You are the Strength card. Strength occurs when we
are able to work with our primal instincts. In
Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth, this card is
called Lust. Lust can be thought of as the
source of our inner power. Our desires, when
firmly held, provide us with the energy and
direction we need to achieve our goals.
Strength relates to the practice of magick.
Magick is the ability to use the will to alter
reality in some way. In the strength card, we
see a woman, by way of her gentleness and will,
tame a wild lion. Her own inner capabilities
have enabled her to perform this magickal feat.
This is the kind of spiritual or primal
strength that is indicated by this card. Image
from The Stone Tarot deck.

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