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New Week, New List

Last week's score: 28/44 = 64% = D

Well, I can't be too hard on myself. I did spend way too many hours at work. Let's see if we can't do a little better this week...

  1. Finish thank you notes

  2. Rearrange furniture: bookshelf to master bedroom, storage options

  3. Get rugs/upholstery cleaned

  4. Clean kitchen

  5. Make skirt

  6. Take pink slips to DMV (motorcycles)

  7. Water/filter change for fish

  8. Refill/reorganize briefcase

  9. Office curtain

  10. Call MBNA for refund check (note: Rebecca Bagley, 7-10 working days)

  11. Fax J orthodontic estimate

  12. Sew baby's other 2 dresses

  13. Exchange boots

  14. Get passport...again

  15. Call Rod re: shower

  16. Mow and edge lawn

  17. Harvest oranges

  18. Call Watercourse Way

  19. Arrange for rental car

  20. Have truck serviced/repaired

  21. Confirm dental appointments

  22. Reschedule investment checkup

  23. Look into insurance coverage for chiropractic

  24. Look up CalSupport for J

  25. Make appointment with lawyer

  26. Rent rug doctor (Friday)

  27. Do expense report for training

  28. Take chair to San Jose and drop off

  29. Reschedule chiropractor appointment

  30. Complete bio questions for LiveWire appearance

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