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Poll #256784 Sue the Bastard?

My ex is quibbling over his already-agreed-to support amount. What do I do?

Grit your teeth and work it out, no matter what jerks he and his toothless hillbilly wife are.
Play tough, but negotiate it yourself. They'll call you and scream, but sticks and stones, right?
Drop the matter in your lawyer's lap and have her negotiate with them.
Hand the matter to you lawyer and tell her to do as much damage to him as possible so that he knows better than to fuck with you next time.

Ex #2 is also requesting my financials, but I later find out that he's not moving to change support. He's "just curious." What about him?

Give him the information. What's it going to hurt?
Let him present you with the change paperwork before you present him anything.
Let him request the paperwork through your lawyer.

Why, oh why did I not just marry these winners, but actually breed with them?


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