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Events Winding Down

Took back the rental car yesterday and picked up the truck from the dealership. Almost a thousand bucks for routine maintenance...a whole shitload (according to my grandmother, "a shitload" = any number greater than 3) of maintenance. Made an appointment to get the carpets cleaned, made an appointment with the lawyer, got a sitter for Tuesday while the Pirate and I are in Petaluma listening to me read. I'm feeling pretty good about life.

The Pirate gets on a plane today and goes to Los Angeles for two days for interviews. Ever since the word got out that he's that Pirate and he's available, he's been inundated. It's a nice feeling...a lot different than he was feeling last month. But I'm going to miss him terribly for the next couple of days. On the other hand, the Baby Goddess can hardly wait for him to get the hell out of the house. This morning she was sitting on our bed pointing at him and yelling "Go on a trip!" She's excited because tonight while he's gone, she gets to sleep in the Mommy Bed. I know how it's all gonna play out, though. She's going to toss and turn like a little windmill, and then at two in the morning, she's going to announce that she wants to sleep in her own bed, and the both of us will get four and a half hours of actual sleep.

Peaches is excited because she's got a dance on Friday night. The Pirate will still be gone, which means that I get three whole hours to myself. I hardly know what to do. The world is my oyster! Well, I take that back. In three hours, I guess it's more like a five-mile radius of my house is my oyster. With the eventful week I've had, I'll take what I can get.

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