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Ed. It.

No, I didn't make it to CS last night. The poor Pirate was on his last (good) leg and really needed to be given the night off. We lay in bed, him watching absolutely the best movie ever made, a little slice of heaven that is corn with cheese on it dipped in acid, Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Luckily, I was very busy with the next section of my novel. total hours for the month are now at 13, only 37 to go. I am hoping that if I can shoehorn in 2 hours a day between now and the end of the month, I'll be doing okay. I think that I can hammer this thing into decent shape by then.

The second portion, Atena, is much like the first in that on my first reading after some time, I found a lot of really strong parts, and a lot of flabby filler. But I'm excited to be working hard on it and whipping it into shape.

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