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New Week, New List Take 3

Last week's score: 18/30 = 60% = D

Once again, I get to wear the Achievement Dunce Cap. Then again, the Pirate's father (the Mathemagician) told us that if there are things that we did that were not on the list, it was a failure of our process. We could score much more highly if we actually made the things that we do every day part of the list. So....

  1. Take pink slips to DMV (motorcycles)

  2. Office curtain

  3. Look into insurance for chiropractic Yay! It's covered!

  4. Do expense report for training

  5. Do expense report for passport

  6. Research new investment firms

  7. Complete tax questionnaire

  8. Prune orange tree

  9. Call landlord re: overhanging trees

  10. Debug irrigation

  11. Sewing machine to attic

  12. Call allergist for letter for insurance for Herbst appliance

  13. Make oat pucks

  14. Pay bills

  15. Iron

  16. Laundry (1)

  17. Laundry (2)

  18. Clean office

  19. Scoop cat boxes

  20. Dishes (M)

  21. Dishes (T)

  22. Dishes (W)

  23. Dishes (TH)

  24. Dishes (F)

  25. Mop

  26. Mow lawn

  27. Edge lawn

  28. Initial lawyer visit

  29. Send demand letter to J

  30. Fax passport paperwork to J

  31. Peaches to orthodontist

  32. Pick up glasses/have new lenses cut

  33. Chiropractor

  34. Wrap birthday prezzie/make card

  35. Prepare for B&N reading

  36. Give B&N reading

  37. Finish Athena edits

  38. Give IPM feedback

  39. Pirate eye exam (just the one, of course)

  40. Pirate dentist (say AAAARRRRGH!)

  41. Lop low-growing branches from side tree

  42. Call Bank to fix hienous checking account problem

  43. Look into standing workstation for work

  44. Look into standing workstation for home

  45. Chiropractor, take 2

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