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New Week, New List, Take 4

Last week's score: 33/45 = 74% = C

Once again, solidly average. We may as well be named Mike, have brown hair and brown eyes, like baseball and hamburgers and live in Ohio.

But we're not.

  1. Office curtain

  2. Research new investment firms

  3. Prune orange tree

  4. Sewing machine to attic

  5. Make oat pucks

  6. Iron

  7. Finish office filing

  8. Mop

  9. Mow lawn

  10. Edge lawn

  11. Lop low-growing branches from side tree

  12. Get neighbor's phone # for property manager

  13. Call Petaluma

  14. Meet with accountants

  15. Get dollar coins

  16. Email CWC for April reading

  17. Put paperwhites in ground

  18. Pull backyard weeds

  19. Dishes (M)

  20. Dishes (T)

  21. Dishes (W)

  22. Dishes (TH)

  23. Dishes (F)

  24. Peaches to Xrays

  25. Chiropractor (M)

  26. Chiropractor (Th)

  27. Chiropractor (F)

  28. Laundry (1)

  29. Laundry (2)

  30. Petco for radar dish

  31. Remove cat flap

  32. Bathe cats

  33. Inventory camping gear

  34. Investigate Easter activities

  35. Prototype cord pockets

  36. Enter all chiro appts. into PDA

  37. Call Bradley Video

  38. Locate W-2s

  39. Order next season's opera tickets

  40. Clean and refill catboxes

  41. Grocery shopping

  42. Menu planning

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