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Weekly List

Last week's score: 36/42 = 86% = B+

That's pretty good. I'm feeling kinda happy about that. Perfecting the process. Figuring stuff out. The Pirate's back to work next week, so we're going to have to plan things a little better. But we've done it before (and so blessedly recently, too) and we'll be right back into the swing of things.

  1. Sewing machine to attic

  2. Make oat pucks

  3. Finish office filing

  4. Mop

  5. Inventory camping gear

  6. Order next season's opera tickets

  7. Make girls' dentist appointments

  8. Send Maine woman Orfeo story

  9. Dishes (M)

  10. Dishes (T)

  11. Dishes (W)

  12. Dishes (Th)

  13. Dishes (F)

  14. Scoop cat boxes (M)

  15. Scoop cat boxes (W)

  16. Scoop cat boxes (F)

  17. Laundry (1)

  18. Laundry (2)

  19. Pay bills

  20. Order lorgnette

  21. Weed back

  22. Break up another load of branches

  23. Pirate's bike to shop

  24. Cancel KOA

  25. Appointment for Peaches CT scan

  26. Chiropractor (M)

  27. Chiropractor (Th)

  28. Chiropractor (F)

  29. Pay rent

It's all possible.
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