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Finally Processing the Weekend

Many Things have happened. Many. Muchness went on, and I was there for it.

After the hilarity surrounding the microphone-nosering conjuction, I just had to go for the lorgnette and eyebrow ring conjuction. The Pirate is pleased as all heck, as is the man who sold me the lorgnette. He wants pictures for their website.

My mother thinks the overall effect is "punk granny," the Pirate says "Victorian borg," but mortaine says "It's just Goth." Ew.

A little Nature's Miracle and then some saddle soap and mink oil and all that's left is a wierd sort of watermark. That's not bad.

The woman who gushed about Orfeo at the last CWC reading forwarded my name to a friend of hers who teaches at the University of Southern Maine. This woman and I have now hooked up and are corresponding. She wants to use my writing in her class. Mmmmm!

I'm giving another reading of The Birth of Athena this coming Friday at the Borders in Los Gatos. recursive has already promised to show up, as well as a couple of the other South Bay Nanos.

I'm also pleased as all get-out to see more people putting up their to-do lists. Let me just say, HOORAY! I love the lists! I want to give each and every one of you a cookie. Perhaps two.

And, in other news, there's a billboard advertising insurance on the 880 going toward Oakland (is that north or west?) just before the Montague exit. It has a huge picture of Andrew Jackson wearing sunglasses and it looks eerily like recursive only with longer hair. I've been thinking about that every time I pass it, and keep forgetting to say anything.

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