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Car Buying - It's Not Just For Boys Anymore

But for heaven's sake, don't tell that to anyone who actually works in a car dealership.

At the first place we went to, we walked around the showrooms and out on the lot looking for one to test drive, but didn't see any. Nor did anyone offer to help us. At one point, I poked the Pirate just to make sure he was corporeal, because I was a little worried we had vanished into mist and this was why the salesfolk weren't coming anywhere near us. I'm sure the fact that we were both dressed like college students who had just tumbled out of bed didn't help.

Finally a scruffy-looking guy with tiny teeth that made him look evilly rodent-like asked if we were being helped. "No, we're not. We'd like to test a Prius."

"Oh, we don't have any on the lot. We were down to our last one, and we sold the demo. They're very popular, you know. We're not getting any more until the 2005s come out, so even if we ordered you one today, you'd have to wait six months anyway. You can just order it. There's no difference between the 2004s and the 2005s"

The Pirate looked at me, and I raised one eyebrow. We both said thank you, but no. The Pirate was a little nervous about having to wait six months for the new car, and I told him that I didn't believe word one uot of that guy's mouth, especially since he told us that he was getting another demo in next week.

We went to the second dealership. We didn't even get in the door before a guy came and asked us what we would like to see. He brought out the keys to the Prius and we drove it around. The guy told us that it'll take about three months (not six! shock!) The Pirate got to drive first since he's over 2 meters tall and his ability to fit into and use the car is critical. I drove it. It doesn't have much pickup, and the design of the back window is really bad. The view is horizontally interrupted by a big bar going all the way across, and what little visibility you do have is reduced if there is anyone in the back seat. But the back cargo space is ample enough for an entire week's groceries and then some, and the gas milage is phenomenal, so we ended up deciding in favor.

Once we got inside, it was time to do the little dance. Of course the sales guy started talking to the Pirate, but before the conversation went very far, I sent the Pirate out to our car to get my glasses and I started firing questions at the sales guy. When it came time to fill in paperwork, it was all done in my name. The $500 that had to be put down to order the car was put on my credit card. The only tough part of the negotiation was over the FLOOR MATS. The floor mats are listed as optional and cost $184. I said no, but the guy said "Well, you really have to buy them." "No, I really don't," I said. "I can't give you the car without the floor mats," he said. "I'm not paying $184 for floor mats that I can get at Kragen for $50. No floor mats."

He went away on the obligatory "I've gotta talk to my manager" trip, and came back with "He said that you have to get the floor mats." I told him that I had no problem with walking out. The Pirate and I nodded at each other, and the guy said "Well, we'll see if we can't just take them off."

Yeah. See if you can't just take them off.

I ended up writing on the order sheet NO FLOOR MATS. SHE MEANS IT.

And then, as we were walking out, the salesman said "Thank you, sir!" to the Pirate.

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