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Too Long in the Car

I got into the car with the Baby Goddess at 7:30. On a normal day, the BG would be dropped off at daycare by 7:40, and I'd be at work by 8:00. Today, however, there are Things To Be Taken Care Of.

First to the bank to draw some cash to pay back mortaine, who kindly spotted me for a pair of lovely sandals, made lovelier by the fact that they were on sale, and that by the two of us buying them together, we saved even more. It called to mind the fact that she's out this morning, tending to her dog who is undergoing surgery. I'm sending hope and strength in her direction, just in case.

The BG was happy as we listened to Space Ghost (the "Musical Bar-B-Que album). We got to Baby School, and she promised me that by the time I pick her up tonight, she will have grown at least four inches. As I was leaving, her teeth were gritted and her little fists clenched as she tried growing. We'll see how this works out.

Got on the road, usual traffic muck, except that this time I had to go several miles out of my way to make sure that my motorcycle, which broke down on the freeway on Monday, was still in the parking lot where I left it. Yup. Everything's good. Made it into work only an hour and freakin' fifteen minutes after I left home. Gross.

Now I get to arrange for having the darling towed. To a shop other than the one which originally told me that the problem that eventually landed me on the freeway with a dead bike was all in my head. It reminded me of the joke about Moshe and the faith healer.

Moshe runs into a faith healer who asks him how his family is. "My uncle is very sick," Moshe says. "He's not sick," the faith healer says. "He just thinks he's sick." The next week Moshe runs into the same faith healer who asks after the uncle. "He thinks he's dead."

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