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Weekly List

I didn't post a list last week - that's how busy I was. And, as usual, when I don't focus, everything goes to hell. My children are living in the streets doing heroin, I lost my job and contracted syphilis and my husband was hit by a train.

Okay, it's not that bad, but I can tell you that the road to Hell is paved with the linoleum currently on my kitchen floor.

  1. Clean and repack the tent

  2. Wash the pillows and sleeping bags

  3. Move camping gear back to attic

  4. Wash dishes (Monday)

  5. Wash dishes (Tuesday)

  6. Wash dishes (Wednesday)

  7. Wash dishes (Thursday)

  8. Wash dishes (Friday)

  9. Chiropractor (Monday)

  10. Chiropractor (Thursday)

  11. Chiropractor (Friday)

  12. Cat boxes (Monday)

  13. Cat boxes (Wednesday)

  14. Cat boxes (Friday)

  15. Laundry (Wednesday)

  16. Laundry (Saturday)

  17. Pay bills

  18. Menu planning

  19. Grocery shopping

  20. Mow lawn

  21. Listen to picks from All Songs Considered

  22. Edit Cliff and Ian's stories

  23. Edit my own story

  24. Research markets for Canceling the Caterer

  25. Rename the stupid story

  26. Run 1 mile

  27. Run 1 mile

  28. Run 1 mile

  29. Run 1 mile

  30. Run 1 mile

  31. Run 1 mile

  32. Run 1 mile

  33. Run 1 mile

  34. Run 1 mile

  35. Run 1 mile

  36. Peaches to orthodontist

  37. Get emails from orthodontist

  38. Call Sandy for status of court

  39. Mop floor

  40. Email Cath with status of her CD

  41. Send DMV name change paperwork along with title paperwork

  42. Finish Atlas spares list by Tuesday

  43. Take lorgnette to optometrist

  44. Fix green pants

  45. Order opera tickets

  46. Take flap off cat flap

  47. Fix radar dish

  48. Clean living room

  49. Clean bathroom

  50. Clean kitchen

  51. Clean dining room

  52. Find out status of tax returns

  53. Attend Wednesday CWC meeting

  54. Update Cthulhu Prosthesis

  55. Pick up lorgnette

  56. Fix lorgnette to be useable

  57. Shopping: Target

  58. Pick up milk @WF

  59. Pick up wine from Pinder

  60. Shopping: TJs

  61. Menu planning/grocery list
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