Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
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In Praise of Older Men

pirateguillermo and I have a whole herd of old men taking care of us. There's Joe, the old guy who does our insurance. There's John, who takes care of our finances, and then there are the Primal Old Guys, our respective fathers.

These are the kind of old guys who, when something goes wrong in your life, don't offer to make you soup or tell you that you're still their baby. I'd be alarmed if my accountant did that. These are the kind of old guys who, when something goes wrong, say "Let's get to work fixing this." They advise. And if you don't take their advice, they're not necessarily offended (although I personally have been the recipient of the smile that says "You'll be back when you've realized I'm right." And I've been back sometimes. And not other times).

I'm happy right now because the accountant just called (after I called him about five times wondering about our returns) and said "You're getting a fat refund, it'll be filed today." In that tone of voice that old guys interrupted in midstream get. When he told me the amount of the refund, I told him "I think I love you." He asked me how many hugs he gets. At least 10. And two from the Pirate. He sounded happy.

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