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This Week's List

Last week: 61/61 = 100% = A

Fucking A for me!! (Okay, me and the Pirate and both the kids, who end up doing some of this stuff too. That Peaches - she's a trooper if ever there was one!) Let's see if that momentum can be kept up!

  1. Dishes (Monday)

  2. Dishes (Tuesday)

  3. Dishes (Wednesday)

  4. Dishes (Thursday)

  5. Dishes (Friday)

  6. Laundry (Wednesday)

  7. Laundry (Saturday)

  8. Cat boxes (Monday)

  9. Cat boxes (Wednesday)

  10. Cat boxes (Friday)

  11. Ironing

  12. Research markets for TinT

  13. Initial site design for

  14. Submit Coward

  15. Draft cover letter for Coward

  16. Get edits from someone else for TinT

  17. Chiropractor (Monday)

  18. Chiropractor (Friday)

  19. Run 1 mile

  20. Run 1 mile

  21. Run 1 mile

  22. Run 1 mile

  23. Run 1 mile

  24. Run 1 mile

  25. Run 1 mile

  26. Run 1 mile

  27. Run 1 mile

  28. Run 1 mile

  29. Research car loan options

  30. Peaches to Orthodontist Thursday

  31. Call Sandy to confirm court appearance on Thursday

  32. Court Thursday

  33. Learn to ride the Pirate's motorcycle

  34. Clean out hall closet

  35. Re-assemble said closet

  36. Assemble all lawsuit-related stuff into one place

  37. Pay bills
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