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More Yes Than No

So, it's lawsuit season, and my ex is going around the deep end. Not only is he being his usual "I'm going to resist paying what I owe" self, but he's actively trying to cheat me out of what he owes me. It just feels like it gets worse and worse every year. On top of that, I'm having motorcycle problems. My bike was being unreliable for a few weeks, but the guys at the shop I usually took it to wouldn't take me seriously. I had to take it to a different shop for someone to listen to me. And last but not least, I had gotten new reading glasses about five weeks ago, and I have it a full two weeks before I decided that they just sucked. They made things much worse and I was getting nauseous trying to wear them to do my work.

There came a day a couple of weeks ago where I got to work and the network was down. I couldn't do anything. I called the optometrist and took my reading glasses in and after being seated in the examination room, having him run a bunch of tests and being told in that condescending doctor way "we didn't change your prescription, we just made it into reading glasses," I finally got them to look at the glasses themselves, and it was the wrong prescription. Go figure.

I picked up pirateguillermo and went to pick up my motorcycle, and we ended up getting into a dumb argument. Between picking up my bike and my chiropractor appointment, I was going to stop at the grocery store, but ended up getting a ticket because I was lost and frantically trying to find the right road. I didn't say anything to the cop, but when he came back to make me sign the ticket, I had just given up and was crying freely. Fuck it. What was he going to do at that point?

Yesterday I found out that my taxes are screwed up because of my ex's shenanigans. But it only means that I'm going to get a much smaller refund, not that I'm going to have to pay. This morning I was at a restaurant having a very nice breakfast with pirateguillermo and a cop came out of the coffee shop across the street and was just standing there, looking at my bike. My stomach tightened as I wondered if now I was going to get a parking ticket, but he was just smiling and nodding at it.

pirateguillermo took the Baby Goddess into Baby School today and before she got a chance to sulk, another even sulkier kid came in. She took this other little kid by the hand and led him back to where all the little babies were having breakfast, happy as a clam.

So, on the one hand, it's a shitstorm out there. On the other's good for the flowers.

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