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My Fears of Giving Birth to a Goth Baby Are Laid to Rest

Peaches gave me folders with her work in it. I put them aside, meaning to read them later. And I didn't read them later. I'm a bad parent. pirateguillermo handed me one of her poems and I was floored.

I Am

I am funny and athletic.
I wonder how babies are made.
I hear my mom yelling my name.
I see Sombra laughing and happy.
I want a dog instead of a fish.
I am funny and athletic.

I pretend that I am popular.
I feel like my life is the worst
life a kid could ever have.
I touch things like books.
I worry about the health of my pets.
I cry because I miss the dead.
I am funny and athletic.

I understand why my parents are divorced.
I say that I believe in BUDDHA.
I drream that I will be a good person.
I hope that my grades will be good.
I try to get things right.
I am funny and athletic.

The Living Bedroom

My falling socks are like snow
And my flying shirts are always in the air.
My bed is like huge mountain ranges
And my top bunk is a flea comb swiping up jumping fleas.
Do not throw any clothes into my eating dresser.
They will never be seen again.
My books are like caves covering up my pens,
And my dresser is like a fence
For all of my things.
The cat hair on my bed can be used for string,
And on my bed is a sniffling me.
Everywhere I go,
And whenever I move,
The posters eyes follow me.
So do not go into my room or else you will be eaten
And never come out the other end.
Beware of the flying clothes and strange sounds.
Go back to your room and that grabbing memory
Might just haunt forever.

I feel so presumptuous trying to write. I don't have half the talent this kid has. Or maybe I'm just a doting mama.

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