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I hate it when this happens. Yesterday, my boss asked me to work with another guy on something that my boss wanted by the end of the day. This guy was supposed to produce some drawings that I was supposed to put into a document that already exists. At 5 when I was ready to leave, I went to the other guy and asked him if he had his drawings together and he hadn't even started them. So, I left.

This morning, my inbox contains a correspondence that took place from about 7:30 to 9:30 last night, promising this guy that I would send him something, including spec sheets for a product I have never heard of, let alone have documentation for. I am at once annoyed that I'm being obligated for something I may not be able to deliver, and paranoid that perhaps I shouldn't have left the office until the document was finished, never mind that it would have meant being here until nearly 10 last night.

I have to believe that I did the right thing. I went home last night, took care of my sick Pirate and went to bed early. Yeah, given the same circumstances, I'd make the same choices.

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