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I Don't Know What "Mercury Retrograde" Means

We had so many good plans for today. Our plans: we were going to go to Watercourse Way at 9:10, followed by the library and the park for a nice picnic lunch we had packed in advance.

We got out of bed and got everyone dressed. The baby wanted a clip in her hair, so I stood in the bathroom putting it in for her. As she ran out of the bathroom, she ran face first into the door. BAM! Much crying ensued, and snuggling and soothing and all was well. Until we tried to get her to eat some breakfast. It's less like pulling teeth than trying to put them back in.

On the way to Palo Alto, I asked pirateguillermo if he had remembered to pack the lawn chairs. Nope. Whoops! 'Sokay, we'll figure something out.

We arrived early enough to go to Peet's for a cuppa, and on the way the baby fell down and skinned her knee. Didn't dampen her spirits any, she's just fine. We were standing outside Peet's trying to get everyone and their beverages situated when, right in front of us and about 25 other Peet's patrons gathered in the parking lot, a car and a produce truck locked bumpers. The car, who had tried to pass the truck on the left as it was trying to make a wide left turn into the parking lot, popped a tire (a very spectacular sound) and sustained heavy damage to the right front quarter. The truck got its front bumper jacked up.

We got into WW and got settled into One Pine, a room with a hot tub, sauna and cold plunge. I hung with the girlies-O in the hot tub whilst pirateguillermo relaxed in the sauna until his core temperature just about doubled, then we traded. It was back and forth, and the Baby Goddess has decided that the spa is the place to be. Then pirateguillermo burnt his hand in the sauna on some live steam. His finger is now all bubbly and gross.

We got back to the truck and Peaches spilt chocolate all over the back seat. I gave her some tissues to sop it up, and then PG told her to go down the street and around the corner to a trash can, except that it wasn't there and the two of them ended up walking a couple of blocks to find one. In the meantime, the baby and I got it into our heads to go and find them. I started the truck and took off down the street, but before we got to the end of it, here they come. I stopped heading northbound to wait for them. A guy heading eastbound stopped at the light and apparently felt that he couldn't go unless I went. It took the two a minute to get into the car, and the guy still hadn't moved, so I turned left around him. I have no idea what he was waiting for, as he couldn't have turned right - I was on a one-way street. As I came around him, he said "Nice driving, sweetheart." The mean part of my brain hopes that he did turn right, going the wrong way down a one-way street and then felt like a barf-encrusted jumbo jerk.

Off to the library. We got there in time for "family story time," which PG and the BG partook in while Peaches looked for books on ancient China. As I came from the ladies' room, I noticed a very striking man walking in. He was dressed in bright-white cotton trousers, a long tunic of the same bright white fabric, and a very elaborate turban that also wound about his lower face. In one hand he was carrying something that looked like prayer beads. He was noticeable not just because of his wonderful mode of dress, but because he was walking slowly around the entire library looking for all the world as though he had never been in one before. He examined the stacks of books, he went up and down the escalators several times, he looked at a wonderful exhibit on Gandhi, King and Ikeda (which made me proud) . I found a desk at which to sit and do my editing, and he went to a librarian and asked her all sorts of questions, and then walked off again.

We left the library because we were all starving. We were going to go to Cesar Chavez park, but there were no spaces to be had because the church was having a special Mass to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph the worker. We were going around the park just as the procession started, and my heart, I must admit, skipped a beat.

We ended up at Edith Morley park in Campbell. It's beautiful, except that the BG kept saying "where's the play structure?" She was climbing on a fairly large rock, and we told her "that's it." She wants to go back.

We came home and the BG had a much-needed nap, then out again for the supplied to make Mother's Day quilts for the mothers. That'll be nice. And stuff for the makin' of the yummy Thai food.

The morning seems a million years ago, and I'm very happy and content now. And the Thai food was amazing, I must say.

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