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Slurped from layer

First job: paper route, age 12
First screen name: lizaque
First funeral: Tommy Osborne (lived down the street from me)
First pet: Georgie the Poodle
First piercing/tattoo: ears pierced age 6
First credit card: some visa card in college
First kiss: first non-relative, John Yeary, age 2+, first "real" kiss, Sammy Killian, age 9-ish
First enemy: Stephanie Jones
First favorite musician: Ringo Starr

Last car ride: this morning to hubby's work
Last kiss: this morning at hubby's work
Last library book checked out: for me, probably that book about the crusades last year
Last movie watched: Prime Suspect
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: leftover fiesta potato patch
Last phone call: last night, ACLU called me
Last time showered: 6:30 this morning
Last CD played: Strong Bad sings (while it was being ripped)
Last website visited: LJ

Single or Taken: oh, so taken
Sex: female
Birthday: 5/26
Sign: Open
Siblings: Brother, Sister, Sister
Hair color: now? black cherry naturally? gray/brown
Eye color: green
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5'7"

Wearing: black microfiber flared pants, black microfiber tunic, black sandals, maidenform bra & undies, reading glasses, five rings, five earrings, one nose ring, one brow stud
Drinking: water
Thinking about: avoiding work, chores, husband
Listening to: This American Life, Guns

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