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Mother's Day

Mothers' Day started, I guess at something like 1 a.m. pirateguillermo and I stayed up until after one last night playing games and talking after he got back from his friends' party. The girls were well behaved and made a good impression and came home and went right to bed.

At 8:00 this morning, the Baby Goddess woke up hard. Neither of us was ready to get up yet. The girls went off to watch some Veggie Tales while pirateguillermo and I got a few more winks. But just a few. Then the little baby got back into bed with us and we read some stories. Mmmmm...

Woke up and washed the dishes, swapped around laundry, had the girls help tidy up. Sat down to a lovely breakfast of english muffins, melon, cinnamon applesauce, tea. Tidied some more, swapped around wash again.

This isn't really what I had pictured for Mother's Day. On the other hand, it's not like I would have been able to stay in bed, and I find the prospect of a breakfast cooked by my 12-year-old a little frightening (the last time it was scrambled eggs, poached eggs and a hard boiled egg, with toast).

Now we're just kicking back, hanging out until it's time to go to mortaine's to do. Yeah. That's more like it.

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