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What the Hell?

The clock just turned around to 6. The moon falls from horizon to horizon and I've been at work for nearly an hour.

My sister was in town for the weekend going to her transsexual former roommate's wedding. The outstanding comment was that out of the 10 people in the bridal party (bride, groom, 4 attendants each), a total of 1,000 pounds could easily be shucked. My sister's escort was one of a minority of man-born men at the wedding. She said that it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I'm sure it was.

So, my sister hung out at my house yesterday. I made corn, chile and hominy-stuffed red peppers and we watched "Waking Life," which, the more that I think about it, the more I like. Before bedtime, we were all sitting in the hammocks out in the garden and my sister was telling me about having an amazing meal at Burger King. I'm dubious. Then she asked the Pirate and I what our top 5 candies are (mine are Almond Roca, dark chocolate-covered bridge mix, Baby Ruth, peanut M&Ms and Mike&Ikes). My sister is a very strict vegetarian, but will be the first to remind you that Milk Duds are vegetarian, as is chocolate.

We all had to go to bed, but the Pirate and I stayed up late talking about the process of becoming the people that we are and talking about parts of "Waking Life" that were relevant to that. But then I didn't sleep. I never do anymore. I'm going to be one of those old people who never sleeps, and I will never die again. I'll just become paler and paler and fainter and fainter until I'm 92 and fade away entirely.

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