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Absolution and Redemption

Yesterday sucked. I'm talking about a level of suckage that involves big rubber lips and leaves a hickey on your forehead that spells out a rude word. It's not that anybody was actually mean or rude - it's more like people were indifferent or apologetically unhelpful, and the universe itself conspired against me. I missed my lunchtime workout to go to the bank, but I got lost and when I did get to the bank the computers were down and it ended up being a wasted trip. And while I was in the bank, a bird pooped on my motorcycle seat. On the way home from work I realized that someone had screwed with my trip meter which tells me how far I've gone since my last gas fill up. And almost on cue, I ran out of gas. And then I rode my bicycle to Fry's after work to get a camera, but the chain fell off halfway there. I got to Fry's and wanted to know about a digital camera, except that there was nobody to answer my question, so I was forced to resort to standing and yelling "Help!" at the top of my lungs until someone came and helped me.

Just before I fell asleep, I remembered the dream I had the night before. The bulk of the dream was unremarkable, but the very end was good. There was a woman in the dream who was frustrated because she had been given an assignment to make a teapot in the shape of God. She kept throwing the clay on the wheel and starting to make a pot shape, and then stopping because she couldn't think what to do next. It got me wondering what a teapot in the shape of God would even look like. Would it appear different to everyone? How would it operate? It's the subject of my next short story. I'm looking forward to it!

Today is starting out very, very well. I've been absolved.

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