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Cinema Purgatorio

A while back, a bunch of my friends were buzzing about the movie "Adaptation." It's about what it's like to be a writer, they said. So, I put it in the Nexflix queue and watched it, and it's just depressing.

I think that I resent somebody showing writers as being a bunch of quivering hollow shells who are looking at everything else around them to make them whole. I don't think that's what writing is about. I don't think that everyone who wants to write or who writes well is broken and needs fixing, and to make movies that show writers as being broken, self-absorbed, socially inept people is nothing but allowing all those people who are intimidated by intelligence to say "See, they're all fucked up anyway. I'm better than they are."

I guess I just don't enjoy anthing that exploits other people's weakness. It just seems to mean spirited. So petty. So easy.

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