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Cinema Purgatorio

A while back, a bunch of my friends were buzzing about the movie "Adaptation." It's about what it's like to be a writer, they said. So, I put it in the Nexflix queue and watched it, and it's just depressing.

I think that I resent somebody showing writers as being a bunch of quivering hollow shells who are looking at everything else around them to make them whole. I don't think that's what writing is about. I don't think that everyone who wants to write or who writes well is broken and needs fixing, and to make movies that show writers as being broken, self-absorbed, socially inept people is nothing but allowing all those people who are intimidated by intelligence to say "See, they're all fucked up anyway. I'm better than they are."

I guess I just don't enjoy anthing that exploits other people's weakness. It just seems to mean spirited. So petty. So easy.


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Jun. 1st, 2004 11:56 am (UTC)
I think the part that, for me, made this movie "what it's like to be a writer" is where he was trying to figure out where to start, and he kept changing his mind and got frustrated and decided he needed more coffee...I could totally relate to that. To the rest of it? No, I don't at all think that is what it's like to be a writer, or what writer's are like. It's what he is like, I think. But there are as many different kinds of writers as there are genres of books and then some.
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