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Where've I Seen Him Before?

pirateguillermo and I finally got to go see Troy. It reminded me of a little talk I had with my father after he took me to go see Young Sherlock Holmes. Pop whined for twenty minutes after it was over that "That's not the way it happened. He and I read through the collected Sherlock Holmes before I was twelve, and I knew that he was right. But that's not the point. Okay, so it's not anything from the mind of Conan Doyle. But it was a cute movie nonetheless.

I liked it because of all the people I've seen before that I know and love. First and foremost being Eric Bana, whom I know and love as Con in The Castle, a movie that pirateguillermo introduced me to and which has become one of my favorites. And married to Hector, the lovely Andromache, better known to me as Saffron Burrows, aka Moira Kennedy Kelly from another favorite, The Matchmaker. Of course there were Boromir and Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. Of course you can't forget Peter O'Toole and Julie Christie who were in too many wonderful things to name, and I was mighty happy to see Rose Byrne as Briseis, the only girl who wasn't a walking stick.

Okay. It wasn't "The Iliad." Not by a long shot. It was different. Completely different. Menelaus of the Loud War Cry bit the dust on the very first day. The entire battle lasted for less than a month, not more than ten years. But Odysseus was charming (if not exactly the Godlike Odysseus that Homer named), Nestor was wisest in counsel and Menelaus did have a mighty loud war cry. And Paris was a crying whiny baby.

And it gave me the chance to exercise my superpower of knowing which movie all the secondary characters have been in before. That's always nice.

Now, considering that Paris gave Aeneas the sword on his way out of the city, we suspect that it's a toss-up as to whether the sequel would be The Odyssey or The Aeneid.

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