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Slurped from gramina

Go to googlism and search on your name or names in some combination. Post the most interesting or amusing results:

  • junglemonkee is approximately 51
    Wrongo, chango.

  • junglemonkee is on the west side of the mouth of the brazos river and on farm roads 1495 and 723
    I've been looking for me all over. Glad someone's spotted me.

  • junglemonkee is a natural family beach that is also home to the junglemonkee neotropical bird sanctuary
    Anyone with an unnatural family is NOT ALLOWED.

  • junglemonkee is a great story
    normally told at camp, after dark, with a flashlight held up in front of your face

  • junglemonkee is an artist who likes to work with rubbish
    I think I take exception to that

  • junglemonkee is widely recognized as "hot"
    it's so hard to remain modest!

  • junglemonkee is a man
    again, wrongo, chango

  • junglemonkee is only about seven miles long and not even a mile wide
    I'm dieting! I swear!

  • junglemonkee is delicious; the bad news is that very little exists
    not according to the above comment

  • junglemonkee is a delicious blend of cabernet sauvignon from the laurel glen estate and other top vineyards in napa and sonoma
    Oooo! I'm a wine!

  • junglemonkee is charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping
    the chickens were with me of their own accord

  • junglemonkee is the new name of art of the people
    Can I hear an "amen"?

  • junglemonkee is a beguiling 1
    if you're beguiled by goofy

  • junglemonkee is also wanted by mexican authorities for violating mexico's federal crime law for the transportation and possesion of marijuana
    it's all clear now - I kidnapped the marijuana

  • junglemonkee is perhaps no more tragic than that of many other artists who died young
    mostly because I'm no longer young...

  • junglemonkee is all about balance
    Now this is true.

  • junglemonkee is always a bit suspicious himself
    mostly because I'm not a 'him'

  • junglemonkee is transmitted to humans by infected louse feces being rubbed into abraded skin or the conjunctiva
    Now that's just gross.

  • junglemonkee is a true mexican culinary superstar
    another one I'll cop to

  • junglemonkee is the author of a new book
    this will be true very soon

  • junglemonkee is found worldwide and causes febrile outbreaks
    refer to comment about how "hot" I am

  • junglemonkee is confident her efforts in santa fe will not be in vain
    if they are, my life will have no meaning, even though I've never been to Santa Fe

  • junglemonkee is a switch
    from Folger's crystals, apparently

  • junglemonkee is negative
    also true too much of the time

  • junglemonkee is bellowing from the tip of the lane
    I was hoping for a spare on that frame

  • junglemonkee is a mexican author
    Well, yes. This is true.

  • junglemonkee is considered the greatest poet of the history of rio grande do sul and one of the greatests of brazil
    a high achievement, considering I don't speak Portuguese

  • junglemonkee is getting the short end of the stick as far as what they're doing
    Well, although I feel that way some times, it's just not true.
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