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Cranky Time at Work

I said a while back that they fired my friend RJ for pitching a fit here. It's not his first bout of fit-pitching, but it's his last here.

Now another engineer from my team is leaving next Friday. He knows more about the electrical side of our products than anyone, but he's leaving because his logic is that if 19 years of service aren't enough to cut a guy some slack, then those of us with less invested in this company have even fewer guarantees.

We're also losing yet another tech writer. This one is leaving of her own accord, but I haven't heard yet whether they're replacing her. It certainly won't happen before she leaves.

So, the loss of engineers means that it becomes more difficult to do my job. The loss of tech writers means there's more work to be done. I've proposed making the tech writers their own group so that work could be distributed more evenly and we could standardize our documentation formats, but although certain people think it's a good idea, there are difficulties inherent. To whom does that group report? The mostly likely candidate would be the head of customer service, but he's the biggest jerk on the planet, and I refuse to have his lack of clue impact my perceived job performance. I've researched my job description pretty thoroughly, and neither ass licking nor ESP is anywhere on it.

I've got to talk to my boss. There's got to be a solution that does not necessarily involve me being part of the exodus.

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