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The Yin and Yang of Saturday Morning

pirateguillermo and I slept late this morning. He was ready to wake before I was, as I was in the middle of a dream and I've never been able to wake in the middle of a dream.

We got up, made some nice breakfast with some morning beverages, and settled down on the couch to read. As we read our books, each of us would occasionally loose an exclamation amounting to "Eureka!" To the casual observer, we are a married couple who enjoy the same things, doing said enjoyed things in concert. We are the same.

I was looking at the differences. And there are so many.

pirateguillermo is a very tall, thin man with a head of very curly salt-and-pepper hair. He is on the gregarious side, and loves good coffee, which he was drinking this morning out of a bug mug with a little milk. He's vegan and had toast with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. Once settled on the couch, he was reading "Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics," as he is a person who enjoys educating himself about the world and how it works.

I am of medium height, and on the round side with dark, straight hair. Given my druthers, I would never have to be in the company of other people except my family. Ever. I am an inveterate tea-drinker who would no more put milk, lemon or sugar in my tea than I would put lye in it. I breakfasted on sausages and English muffin with the blueberry jam I made Tuesday. I was reading "The Gnostic Book of Saints," as I am a person who enjoys educating myself about the world inside me and how it works.

We are the perfect embodiment of a perfect whole, the two of us, embodying between us light and dark, warm and cold, in and out, coffee and tea.

It was good.

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