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There Is No Font Large Enough

We got the house. I can't even contain my joy at this. pirateguillermo and I can't stop kissing and tearing up and staring into each other's eyes and whispering "We're buying a house together."

The only downside is that because of the long process of selection, there's someone else out there who waited just as long as we did and who is now disappointed. I'm sorry for them.

On the other hand, PARTY AT OUR HOUSE OVER LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!


Jul. 18th, 2004 09:01 pm (UTC)
Having been through this as a buyer and a seller, before, it's pretty normal for sellers to state "We're not accepting offers until x date".

This gives them time to review the offers, because while their agent is required to present all offers, the sellers are NOT obligated to accept the first one.

Personally, I hate this game-playing. So, for me, if someone makes an offer, and I can live with it, we're likely to accept or counter same-day.