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End of Slack

Yesterday the Pirate and I got up at a decent hour and finished cleaning the house. We did a little grocery shopping and got back just in time to head out to the winery. You know, when I think about wineries, the first thing I think is grapes. Rows and rows of beautifully-trained grape vines glistening their rich green and twinkling as the breeze flutters the leaves. I very specifically do NOT thing about small spaces in industrial strip malls with unfinished pressboard on the walls. But deep in the heart of Campbell, there lies one such winery. My harp teacher was well into her set by the time we arrived, and we immediately began tasting. There were three or four of the eight offered wines that were really delicious (and, to balance it out, there was one that was awful). We bought two bottles before the whole group of us headed home for pizza.

There's nothing like deciding to make eggplant and zucchini pizza with pesto and being able to walk out the back door and pick all the stuff you need right off the vines. This is why I garden.

The crew stayed until not very late, then went home vowing that we need to do it again soon. The pirate and I got to stay in bed this morning until a completely indecent hour. IT was great. There was nothing that needed doing urgently. Nobody coming over, nothing happening. We got up, enjoyed some breakfast, went out and mowed the lawn, weeded the garden, and while we thought about going to see Johnny English, we blew it off and watched The House of Yes instead. Man, that was one skeevy movie. I needed a shower after that.

So, now I'm here, waiting for the baby to show up. She and her Dad left L.A. at 10:30 this morning, so they should be here any time now.

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