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The List Queen

You know, I've been so gratified, seeing so many on my FL making their weekly lists, totting things up and checking them off. And I got out of the habit. Not of making lists altogether, but of posting my lists here. I have one that sits next to my monitor at work, one on the white board in the kitchen, one sort of perpetually in the bottom of my purse.

The problem is that those aren't working, and I've currently got so many things going on that I'm starting to drop things.

  1. get more boxes

  2. get change of address forms

  3. arrange for dumpster

  4. call PG&E to turn off/turn on electric (dates?)

  5. call City of San Jose about garbage and water

  6. call phone company to change over phones (dsl?)

  7. finish packing books

  8. pack up office files

  9. pack pictures & knick knacks

  10. pack everything on top of the hutch

  11. pack up Baby Goddess's closet

  12. take down things off Baby Goddess's walls

  13. pack up everything over the oven


  1. email C. travel plans & change of address

  2. evaluate Peaches' wardrobe for cruise

  3. make clothing purchases as appropriate for Peaches

  4. get travel authorization notarized

  5. contact J. to change Peaches' return flight

  6. contact Mommy to arrange transport to airport for Peaches

  7. lunch with M. Thursday noon

  8. face painting with S. Sunday

  9. clean out fridge

  10. menu plan

  11. call Sam N. & tear new asshole

  12. call Joe Golda & get insurance

  13. pick up new car

  14. do personalize plate thang

  15. shred cucumbers for relish

  16. submit direct deposit paperwork

  17. find current insurance cards for all vehicles

  18. can relish

  19. make chocolate chip cookies

  20. make sunshine cookies

  21. clean kitchen

  22. have relationship crisis brought on by stress

  23. stop by office & forward weekly list


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Aug. 4th, 2004 11:15 pm (UTC)
Hee hee! I like your personal #11! When is the moving date? Where's the new place??
Aug. 5th, 2004 09:39 am (UTC)
Glad you asked! The new place is in Boulder Creek. The closing date for the house is 8/19, and we're going to be having a large housewarming on 9/5. I will be sending a mass Evite, and am hoping that everyone will make it out to the mountains. We've got a hot tub! We've got crawdads! We've got...trees!
Aug. 5th, 2004 10:20 am (UTC)
:-( My sister is getting married on 9/4 in San Diego, so I won't be here for the large housewarming. Bummer! I'd love to see it some other time, though.
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