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She's Back, and I've Got Her

The baby's back. Except that this isn't the baby that left two weeks ago. This new and improved baby is more tan and has the newfound confidence of a credentialed preschool swimming program graduate. In the .03 conversations I had with her during her two and a half weeks out of the house, she said a grand total of about 4 different words, so I had forgotten just how articulate she is. When I asked if she had a good time in Phoenix with her sister, she told me, "My sissy was only at Nanny's house. Then I got to go to my Susie's house and play with Jason, but he doesn't know that the park is lonely when you're three." Ah, well, how soon we forget our toddler angst.

And she seemed genuinely happy to be back in "baby school" with her friends. She was beaming at the attention lavished on her by the doting daycare ladies (let's hear it for the daycare ladies - the most underappreciated women on earth!).

Now if I could just have the other one back, I'd be complete again.

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