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It's the Weekly List!

Last week's score: 25/35 = 71% = C

Not bad, considering I didn't even make the list until Wednesday, and it was a mighty ambitious list. We have been hampered in the packing process by the fact that boxes have not yet arrived, but they'll be here tomorrow and slightly more of the packing process can get underway.

On the plus side, since I picked up the new car, I've been having the time of my life in it. The new car is a Mini Cooper. Our new one is silver with black top and trim, sunroof, black leather interior. But here's the best thing. I didn't get the more souped-up "S" version because I wanted better mileage. So, this one comes with an onboard computer that tells you what your mileage is this second. So, I had to drive the 80-miles to San Leandro and back and I turned on the computer and then watched as I sped up and slowed down. The upshot is completely expected. You get the best overall mileage at just over 60 and a steady rate of speed. Sure, the MPG went up to 80 on the few downhills, which was kind of cool. But you end up going tens of thousands of miles out of your way if you drive only downhill.


  1. Arrange for dumpster

  2. Call PG&E to turn off/turn on electricity

  3. Call City of San Jose about garbage and water

  4. Call phone company to change over phones

  5. Finish packing books

  6. Pack pictures & knickknacks

  7. Pack up Baby Goddess' closet

  8. Clean up hard drives from old computers

  9. Look up computer recycling info

  10. Ask layer about giving old laptop to Nano

  11. haul computers to recycling

  12. Get Peaches to finish packing her room

  13. Pack up office

  14. Pack linens

  15. Pack hall closet

  16. Sign 1 metric buttload loan documents

  17. Change addy. at work

  18. Call Working Assets to change over long distance

  19. BONUS ITEM: engage movers

  1. Make clothing purchases as appropriate for Peaches

  2. Get travel authorization notarized

  3. Clean out fridge

  4. Submit direct deposit paperwork

  5. Change W-2s

  6. Get all email addresses for party

  7. Laundry

  8. Pack Athena for Phoenix

  9. Pack Marion for cruise

  10. Pack Marion for Phoenix

  11. Get all Marion's travel documents together

  12. Get insurance for new car

  13. Buy Peaches shoes & tights

We're going to spend the month of September sleeping.
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