Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The Herculean Task of Holding Down the Bile

I've been interviewing candidates for a position we have open at work. There's one particular candidate that is my favorite. She's extremely qualified and seems like she would get along well with the mix of personalities we have here. That's great. I'm happy.

Here's the fun part. She's also very attractive. Looks are not a zero-sum game. Her being attractive does not in any way affect the attractiveness of the rest of us. I realize that I am a person whose attractiveness lies almost wholly in her personality anyway, but even so it's not like I have a chance of competing with someone astoundingly attractive. (She's not astoundingly attractive, by the way. I just don't kid myself that if I were standing at a bus stop with, say, Kate Winslet, that I'd be the one passers-by were whistling at.)

But the guys on the team are all getting a little silly about it. My own boss is wearing cologne. Cologne! Sure, I've seen him wear ties on many occasions, but this is absolutely the first time ever I've known him to wear cologne. The guy who normally wears clothes that resemble pricey warm-up suits is wearing slacks and a nice button-down. There is at least one guy who's all bent out of shape because he didn't get to be one of the original interviewers.

Here's another thing: I know what she's asking for, money-wise. I know that it's more than anyone here is making right now, and that she's already gotten another offer. But I also know that she wants to work here because she thinks that the people here are the coolest of all her interviews. Everyone is supposed to be getting raises, and I don't know what those raises are going to be. But I do know that if she gets the position, I'm going to be a little angry if she's getting what she asked for.

I think she should settle for the occasional whiff of cologne. Even though that will wear off the first week.

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