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The Weekly List

Last week: 26/32 = 81% = B

Not bad. This week, the girls are off at my folks'. We're on our own, so things like shopping, eating and sleeping will figure less highly on the list, and things like packing, hauling and bitching will take on much more prominence.


  1. Pack pictures & knickknacks

  2. Pack up Baby Goddess' closet

  3. Finish packing up office

  4. Pack hall closet

  5. Call Working Assets to change over long distance

  6. Call WB & confirm receipt of fax from KP

  7. Call movers & confirm date & time

  8. Final walk-thru & key handoff

  9. Plan for movers (furniture location)

  10. Pack dishes

  11. Take glass out of hutch

  12. Pack island

  13. Purchase cleaning supplies

  14. Pack all clothes

  15. Purchase washer & dryer

  16. Take books to laundromat

  17. Printers to CRC

  18. Change chiropracter appt.


  1. Get all email addresses for party

  2. Drop checks @ Baby School & inform them of vacation

  3. Cash Only - Monday

  4. Whole Foods - Tuesday

  5. Indian - Wednesday

  6. Burritos & TBird - Thursday

  7. Chiropractor Thursday 8 am

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